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Vague Image

electroacoustic composition (stereo)


duration: 8'05"

The sound source of the piece derives from the Shakuhachi, and it is based on two different types of sonic materials of the articulation. The air sound and rich harmonics seem like a dense fog, which is a metaphor of a vague image. The timbre is the key element of the formal structure.

The piece was performed as the designated work for Concours de spatialisation "Espace du Son" in 2012, and it pays homage to the pioneers of Acousmatic music. 

* Vauge Image was awarded First Prize (category [A]-acousmatic/fixed media) in MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING 2011.

Vague Image - Bihe Wen
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graphic transcription by Thomas Gorbach
graphic transcription by Tomonari HIGAKI
L'scape du son 2012
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