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Bihe Wen  

(b. 1991, China)


wenbihe [at]






2020-(in progress)

Queen's University Belfast - Belfast, United Kingdom

Doctor of Philosophy, Concentration in Electroacoustic Music Composition

Supervisor: Michael ALCORN


University of North Texas - Denton, United States

Master of Arts in Music, Concentration in Composition (computer music)

Major Professor: Panayiotis KOKORAS


Central Conservatory of Music - Beijing, China

Bachelor of Music, Electroacoustic Composition, September 2010 - July 2015

Major Professors: Peng GUAN, Xiaofu ZHANG



Central Conservatory of Music Middle School (senior high) - Beijing, China

Diploma, Composition, September 2007 - July 2010

Principal teacher: Sijia ZHU



Master Classes/Seminars

Feb. 26th, 2016

Ums 'n Jip, University of North Texas, Denton/U.S.

Short-term study

June-July, 2017

IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) - Paris, France

Contemporary Music Creation + Critique (study abroad program)







Prize for “Atmo-” in Ars Electronica Forum Wallis 2022-23, Leuk (Switzerland) (info)


Silver Award for “Immemorial/Flux” in The Denny Awards International Competition for Electronic Music (University of Colorado Denver & Communication University of China), Beijing/China


First Prize (category - Acousmatic) for "Beyond" in Shanghai IEMC​ (International Electronic Music Competition), Shanghai Computer Music Association, Shanghai/China.


First Prize (category - Mixed Media) for "Alchemy" in XII° Destellos Competition 2019​ (Jury: Giulio Colangelo, Jorge Sad, Jon Nelson, Mara Helmuth and Xiaofu Zhang. Preselection: Adam Stanoviç, Damian Gorandi and Jorge Sad Levi), Destellos Foundation, Mar del Plata/Argentina.


First Prize (category [B]-Mixed Media) for “In Limbo” in 2017 MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING (Jury: Annette Vande Gorne, Chenyu Huang, Christopher Jette, David Coll, Jeff Kaiser, Jeffery Stolet, Marie-Jeanne Wyckmans, Neil Rolnick, and Xiaofu Zhang), Beijing/China


Finalist for “Regression” in MÉTAMORPHOSES 2016 Acousmatic Competition (Jury: Jean-Pierre Deleuze, Francis Dhomont, Mario Mary, Philippe Mion, Jean-Louis Poliart), Brussels/Belgium


One of the three prizewinners for “Ancient Reunion” in International Composition Competition Leibniz’ Harmonies (Jury: Johannes Schöllhorn, Oliver Schneller, Jia Guoping, Guo Wenjing, Martin, Kaltenecker, José M. Sánchez-Verdú, Stefan Fricke and Matthias Ilkenhans), Hannover/Germany


First Prize for “Dye” in Monaco International Electroacoustic Composition Competition 2014 (Jury: Robert NORMANDEAU, Luis NAON, João Pedro OLIVEIRA, Germán TORO-PEREZ and Mario MARY), Monaco


Jury Special Mention (for the innovation in the use of sound material) for “Vague Image” in XXVIII Luigi Russolo Sound Art       Competition, France and Spain


Outstanding student in 2012-2013 academic years, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing/China


Third Prize (category [B]-Mixed Media) for “Dye” in 2013 MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, Beijing/China


Designated work “Vague Image” to be performed and analyzed by the participants to the Concours de spatialisation “L’Espace du Son 2012” (Jury: Hans Tutschku, Francis Dhomont, Daniel Teruggi, Gilles Gobeil and Jean-Louis Poliart), Brussels/Belgium


First Prize (category [A]-Acousmatic) for “Vague Image” in 2011 MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING (Jury: Howard Sandroff, Jeffery Stolet, Kenneth Field, Nicollas Collins, Yuebei Wu etc.), Beijing/China


Honorable Mention for “Landscape” in Jiulia Liu Chu Composition Competition 2009,

Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing/China






Mar. 11    The Ars Electronica Forum Wallis 2022/23, “Atmo-”, Münster/Goms, Valais, Switzerland (call for)
Jan. 14    The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2023, “Beyond”, San Francisco/U.S. (call for)

Dec. 23    REF 2022: Concerto - Multimedia Experience (Acousmatic / Audiovisuals), “Atmo-”, Teatro del
(5pm)       Fuoco, Foggia/Italy (info & programme notes) (call for)

Nov. 03    Presentació d’obres electroacùstiques del Projecte Debris, “Metamorphosis”, Universitat Pompeu (7 pm)    Fabra (Sala  

                Aranyó), Barcelona/Spain

Jul. 03     International Computer Music Conference 2022, “Atmo-”, University of Limerick, Limerick/Ireland (call for)

Apr. 29    Thomas Gorbach — Concertos: 1: Debris Project | Lisboa Incomum, “Metamorphosis”,
               Rua General Leman 20A, Lisbon/Portugal (info)

Mar.23    LATEXOS 22 - “Entullos” (acousmatic concert), “Metamorphosis” (commissioned for “Debris” music project initiated by    

               Hong Kong Baptist University), Casa de das Ciencias, La Coruña/Spain

Jul.21     Festival ArteScienza, “In Limbo”, UMS ‘n JIP, Parco Fluviale, Isola del Liri/Italy
Feb.10   Music Event at Queens - An electroacoustic music concert featuring works by Chinese composers, “Beyond”, Belfast/UK


Oct. 01    41 FIMNME 2019 - Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez“In Limbo”, performed by

                UMS 'n JIP, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City/Mexico.


Oct. 14    FeBeME-BeFEM (Projected Sounds – Concerts de la FeBeME durant le festival #BEM18) | the Belgian Federation for 

                Electroacoustic Music, “Beyond”, Project(ion) Room, Brussels/Belgium

May. 20   ISCM World New Music Days 2018 | 2018 Beijing Modern Music Festival, “Beyond”, Central Conservatory of Music,

                Beijing/China (call for)


                de Lille, Lille/France (call for)

Mar. 9      National Student Electronic Music Event, "Beyond", diffused by Bihe Wen, University of North Texas | Center

                for Experimental Music and Intermedia, Merril Ellis Intermedia Theatre, Denton/U.S.




 The USA Project Concert Series by UMS 'n JIP

 Contemporary US-American Music: The USA Project by UMS 'n JIP commissions works for either recorder, voice & electronics in any combination for 2 performers by contemporary US-American or US-based composers.

Nov. 22     The USA Project Concert, “In Limbo”, performed by UMS 'n JIP, Ackermannshof Basel, Swizerland

Nov. 21     The USA Project Concert, “In Limbo”, performed by UMS 'n JIP, Kunstraum Walcheturm Zürich, Switzerland

Nov. 20     The USA Project Concert, “In Limbo”, performed by UMS 'n JIP, ONO Bern, Swizerland

Nov. 19     The USA Project Concert, “In Limbo”, performed by UMS 'n JIP, Zeughaus Kultur Brig-Glis, Switzerland


Nov. 08     XXIV° Festival Acousmatique International “L’Espace du Son, “Vague Image”, diffused by Xiaofu Zhang, Théâtre

                 Marni, Brussels/Belgium

Mar. 10     The National Student Electronic Music Event, “Vague Image”, Louisiana State University, School of Music Recital Hall,

                 Baton Rouge/U.S. (call for)

Mar. 05     Hot Air Music Festival, “Dye”, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco/U.S. (call for)

Feb. 27     SPECTRUM: New Works from North Texas, “Beyond”, University of North Texas College of Music, Merrill Ellis

                 Intermedia Theater, Denton/U.S.


Dec.17-22 Matera Intermedia Festival, “Regresion”, (Jury: Åke Parmerud, Alessandro Cipriani, Elio, Martusciello, Fabrizio Festa,

                  GiampieroI Gemin, Gilles Gobeil, Leigh Landy, Ludger Brümmer, Wayne Siegel), MUSMA museum listening/visual room                           (Exhibition: 10:00   a.m.-18:00 p.m.), Matera/Italy (call for)

Oct. 19     XXIII° Festival Acousmatique International “L’Espace du Son, “Regression”, diffused by Annette Vande Gorne,

                 Théâtre Marni, Brussels/Belgium

Oct. 03     SPECTRUM: New Works from North Texas, “Regression”, Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, University of North Texas

                 College of Music, Denton/U.S.

Jul. 09      Leibniz’s Harmonies, “Ancient Reunion”, Goethe Institute China in 798 Art Zone, Beijing/China

May 13    Ars Electronica | Forum Wallis, “Regression”, Schloss Leuk/Switzerland (call for)



Oct. 20     Shanghai International Electronic Music Week, “Dye”, Academy Concert Hall, Shanghai 

                 Conservatory of Music, flutist: Daihong Dai, Shanghai/China (call for)

Sep. 29     41st International Computer Music Association, “Regression”, Sky theater (University of North Texas), Denton/U.S. 

                 (call for)


Sep. 25     Acousmatic Transcendence II Vienna Festival | The Electroacoustic Project, “Vague Image”, Academy of Fine

                  Arts Vienna, diffused by Thomas Gorbach, Vienna/Austria

May 30     Monaco Electroacoustique 2015 | Académie Rainier III, “Dye”, Théâtre des Variétés, flutist: Lucie Gross,




Oct.          MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, “Dye”, flutist: Feng XIONG, Beijing/China (call for)

Jun.          New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, “Latent Trace”, diffused by Bihe Wen, New York City/U.S. (call for)

Jan.          Concerto di Musica Elettroacustica | Soundiff, “Vague Image”, Barletta/Italy (call for)

Mar. 04     RADIO – Acoustic Frontiers playlist March 2014, “Vague Image”, broadcasted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für

                 Elektroakustische MusikBerlin, Germany.


Apr. 13     The Electroacoustic Project @ Kabelwerk Wien, “Vague Image”, diffused by Thomas Gorbach, Vienna/Austria

Apr. 01     Sound and Music Computing Conference, “Vague Image”, diffused by Bihe Wen, KMH Royal College of Music,

                 Stockholm/Sweden (call for)



Nov. 30    Un son par là | est organisé par l'association Tsunami, “Vague Image”, France

Oct. 26     L'Espace du Son 2012 (spatialization competition) | Musiques & Recherches, “Vague Image” (diffused by: Louise Rossiter

                 Tomonari Higaki, Sophie Delafontaine, Thomas Gorbach), Théâre Marni, Brussels/Belgium

Oct. 25     MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, “Vague Image”, Beijing/China

Oct. 06     Festival Oktober 2012 | The Electroacoustic Project, “Vague Image”, diffused by Thomas

                 Gorbach, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna/Austria



Nov.         Una proposta musicale tra Cina e Occidente | Turin Confucius Institute, “Void”, Turin/Italy



Jun. 28     Central Conservatory of Music Middle School students’ works concert, “Landscape”, National Centre for the 

                 Performing Arts, Beijing/China



Oct.          MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, “Void”, diffused by Bihe Wen, Beijing/China






2022       Metamorphosis for fixed audio (9:57 min.)

2021       Immemorial / Flux for Guzheng and fixed audio (9:12 min.)

2020       Atmo- for fixed audio (7:49 min.)

2018       Alchemy for piano and 8-channel fixed media (10:40 min.)

2017        In Limbo for recorder and electronics (11:28 min.)

2016        Dawn Blossoms Plucked at Dusk for flute and harp (ca.10:00 min.)

2016        Beyond for fixed audio (8:00 min.)

2015        Regression for fixed audio (7:16 min.)

2014        Latent Trace for fixed audio (4:48 min.)

2013        Dye for flute and electronics (10:55 min.)

2011        Vague Image for fixed audio (8:06 min.)

2008        Untitled for piano solo (ca. 3:30 min.)

2008        Void for fixed audio (5:08 mins.)

2007        Landscape for viola and piano (ca. 6:40 min.)








Metamorphosis for fixed audio
Debris: Music with AI Byproducts | Label: Creotz Music | M 14747
UCC 8435383690616
Total duration: 67:00


Regression for fixed audio

Métamorphoses 2016 9th Biennial Acousmatic Composition Competition | Musiques & Recherches | MR 2016 | 2017 | Brussels/Belgium

Online Edition:



Vague Image for fixed audio

XXXVII Luigi Russolo International Sound Art Competition | Monochrome Vision | r6841081 | Russia



Vague Image for fixed audio

Métamorphoses 2012 7th Biennial Acousmatic Composition Competition | Musiques & Recherches | MR 2012 | 2013 | Brussels/Belgium




Vague Image for fixed audio

Electroacoustic Music Selections of China’s Young Composers-The 8th MUSICACOUSTICA-Beijing 2011 | People's Music Publishing House | Beijing/China



Void for fixed audio

Electroacoustic Music Selections of China’s Young Composers-The 5th MUSICACOUSTICA-Beijing 2008 | People's Music Publishing House | Beijing/China







Apr.    WILL - multimedia dance work (Music/Sound by Bihe Wen), CORPOREALITY (Created and Performed by Intermedia Performance

           Art Class), Merril Ellis Intermedia Theater, College of Music Building, University of North Texas, Denton/United States


2017   Joint Figrues - dance work (Choreography by Bianca Nuñez, Music by Bihe Wen)


Jun.     Blue Star 2020 - audiovisual webpage (music and sound), Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing/China



Aug.    Retrospect - for Zheng | arrangement & music production, Zheng: Yizhuo WANG, Shenzhen Concert Hall, Shenzhen/China

Jun.     Haze - audiovisual installation, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Beijing/China

Oct.     New We Run - theme song | music production, Beijing ASEAN Student's Games 2014 with ASEAN, China



Jun.     Ancient to Modern Times - for Zheng | arrangement & music production, Zheng: Yang GAO, CCTV-15 (China Central Television),             Beijing/China



Jun.     Lecture: Sensibility and Reason - The Language of Electroacoustic Music, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou/China.

Jun.     Workshop: Sound Transformation, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou/China. (photos)



Feb.-May   Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia, University of North Texas, Denton/U.S. 



Jun.-Jul.     NetEase Game (網易遊戲), NetEase, Inc., Guangzhou/China

                    Video Game Music Composer (Internship)




2017     Competition Jury, PRIX Luigi Russolo 2017, France

2017     Jury members of CEMI Circles 2017, U.S.

2016     Competition Jury, PRIX Luigi Russolo 2016, France


2020     China Scholarship Council (国家留学基金委) | CSC Scholarship 

2019     British Council (英国文化教育协会)| Great Scholarship (非凡英国奖学金计划) 2019

2017      Macao Tertiary Education Services Office (Gabinete de Apoio ao Ensino Superior), Macau Special Administrative 

              Region | Postgraduate Scholarships

2017      University of North Texas, Denton/U.S. | Larry Austin Music Composition Scholarship

2017      University of North Texas, Denton/U.S. | Travel grant to participate in the Contemporary Music Creation + Critique

               (short-term study abroad program) at IRCAM


2017-present      American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

2016-present      The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS)

2008-present      Electroacoustic Music Association of China (EMAC)


Mandarin Chinese



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