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electroacoustic composition (stereo)


duration: 8'01"

Regression is an acousmatic composition exploring multiple potential of spectromorphology by using singular materials. The sounds in Regression are entirely derived from the “Udu.” This African clay instrument had its origins as a water and food container with ceremonial functions, and so still serves to evoke the primordial texture.

In composing this work, I was searching for an organic musical language with which I could compose a piece whose structure resembled a living organism in all its dynamism. On the smallest scale, the textures of sounds that may at first seem very different often reveal close relationships. I have sought to reveal these relationships in my composition through various transformations of these different sounds. I have also attempted to embody in this work an improvisational spirit that reflects the rhythmic freedom of the original sound material.

Finally, the philosophic and poetic motivation for this piece was my desire to have the sounds of the “Udu” regress back to their watery origins, not only to evoke the water that the instrument was originally made to carry, but also to honor the water and earth that together made its construction possible. 

*Regression was awarded Finalist in Métamorphoses 2016 9th Biennial Acousmatic Composition Competition (Belgium).

Regression - Bihe Wen
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